UESBA's purpose is to organize programs for current and future beekeepers, educate and teach responsible and modern beekeeping practices, and inform the public of the importance of honey bees to our survival. The UESBA serves primarily Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s Counties of Maryland.


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The President's Corner

9/20/2021 Gary made a run to Forest Hills & bought more than he currently needs in order to take advantage of volume savings. 
He is selling at cost (no transport, but PA sales tax):
1) 1 lb plastic bottles w/yellow caps: 50 cents ea.
2) Frames-Medium, unassembled, split bottom:$1.06 ea.
3) Foundation, Medium wax w/wire hooks: $1.00 ea
4) Foundation, Shallow wax w/wire hooks : 82 cents ea

Email Gary if you are interested.

8/18/2021 FYI, our local sales pages now advertise varroa resistant queens from a local (Crumpton) apiarist. 

8/13/2021 FYI, in the next couple of weeks Gary is heading up to Forest Hill Bee Supplies .

Gary will pick up your orders OR call him to place your order with him (in the hope of getting a discount). Call Gary at 443-480-2285 or email him at .

8/13/2021, WARNING there are scammers that try to get you to send cash for bee supplies; be very careful when somebody asks for cash or bank transfers!!!

Our association donated $200 to the Donnie Sparks goFundMe for medical and rehab bills. Donnie is a bee mentor and ex-president of our association.

Synthetic Drawn Comb: Contamination Concern

Bees are dying at an alarming rate. Amsterdam may have the answer.

Bees Required to Create an Excellent Blueberry Crop

Upcoming Events


Please join the Upper Eastern Shore Beekeeping Association on July 14th for our July meeting. 
5:00:  In-hive Demonstration
6:30:  Regular Meeting

Cybil Preston (Head State Apiarist for Maryland, EAS Master Beekeeper) will be joining us for a live in-hive demonstration, and then a sit down meeting.  The meeting will be in two parts.  At 5:00 PM, Cybil will demonstrate how she inspects a hive, and the things she looks for during an inspection.  Inspectors are active again, and inspecting hives in the state.  Cybil will also demonstrate how to do mite counts with an alcohol and sugar roll, and talk about various hive management practices.  For those of you who took the Beekeeping 101 Class in the last two years, here is a great chance to make up for the in person parts of the class that couldn’t be held.  At 6:30, the regular meeting will begin.  Cybil will talk about the inspection process and things she is seeing in hives right now in the state.  She will interpret the results of the mite counts taken during the earlier inspection, and discuss treatment thresholds and treatments.  The meeting will be held in a backyard in Still Pond, and refreshments will be provided.  Join us for both parts of the meeting, or just the regular meeting at 6:30.  Come catch up with your fellow area beekeepers, and enjoy a wealth of good beekeeping education.

Please bring a lawn chair. 
Rain date July 21. 
Questions?  Text or call Mary Laura Fitzgerald (301) 345-8171.

Address and Directions:

26661 Old Still. Pond Rd.
Still Pond, MD

From center of Still Pond (JCT. 292 & 566) go West on 566 just past 5th house on right (South side). Just before the phone pole is grass lane that goes South 150ft past a white barn, through a white gate to the meadow.  If you are coming in from 301, the house will be on the left just before the center of Still Pond.
> Please park along road & walk back

Mentoring contacts:

   Sam Beachy 410-708-9935  or

   Gary Robson 443-480-2285