Local Bees for Sale
To list your bees for sale on our site, please email the webmaster (link at the bottom of page) your description and optional picture.
  • 2020 Nuc and Packaged Bee Info 
Packages will be priced as follows; 
1-9 packages ------$140 each 
10+ packages -----$135 each Packaged bees will contain 3lbs of bees and 1 mated, unmarked queen. These bees are of Russian, Italian, and Carniolan genetic backgrounds. Pick up is TBA. 
Nucs: Nucs are $175 each. They are MD bred and raised bees. Pick up is TBA. 
Order in store, email, or over the phone. 
Free State Bees 1241 Generals Hwy Crownsville, MD 21032 410-923-6127 Freestatebees@gmail.com 
  • Sam Beachy has queens: 410-708-9935
  • BeeGeorgeHoney has nucs boiling over with bees

5 frame deeps $180

5050 White Marsh Rd. Oxford, MD 21654

Click here for more information

  • Steve from Worton has mated queens $30 and over-wintered medium nucs $185 for sale now. 
Contact Steve via email.