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First Meeting

Here is a recap of our first meeting held on September 9, 2015.

The meeting was run by Mike Embrey, Extension Apiculturist (retired). 53 people attended and about half wanted to start beekeeping.

Some of the issues to be addressed by the members are: What do you want from the club; what would be the format of the meeting; the annual dues; when should the club meet; vote on the name and the final constitution.

Some of the benefits mentioned wree: sharing equipment, discounted bulk purchases, develop a network of beekeepers to share knowledge, educate the community on the importance of bees.

Mike indicated that he might be available to teach a class here similar to the one at Wye Research and Education Center (WREC).

Questions asked during the meeting:

Q. What size hives should you use?

A. Ten frame vs eight frame boxes and deep vs. medium size supers. In this area you should have either two deep brood or three medium brood boxes.

Q. How much does it cost to start beekeeping?

A. About $200 to get started with the total equipment you need and bee packages are around $85 each. The advantage of an Association is equipment can be swapped or purchased from some who is leaving beekeeping.

Now is the time to monitor for Varroa mites and to treat if necessary.

Surplus honey is usually removed in July, sometime after the 4th (weather permitting), then it is recommended you feed bees a 1:1 sugar syrup in later July and August . The latter part of August, start feeding a 2:1 solution (2 lbs sugar to 1 lb water).

In the spring, the nectar flow begins when the American Holly blooms followed by Black Locust and Tulip Poplar. Right Asters, Goldenrod, Jerusalem artichoke, and vitex are blooming.

Announcement: The Delaware Beekeepers Association's Open Hive Event will be held Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Delaware State University Outreach and Resource Center 884 Smyrna-Leipsic Rd, Smyrna, DE 19977.

The next meeting of the Association will be October 14th at the Kent County Library in Chestertown at 6:30 pm.

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