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IPM with Dean Burroughs

Master Beekeeper Dean Burroughs spoke at our May meeting about Integrated Pest Management. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a philosophy of management, not elimination. Using natural methods to manage pests helps to keep bees and other pollinators healthy and happy.

Methods such as powdered sugar, hygienic queens, screened bottom boards, essential oils, and drone cell foundation can help to encourage conditions where the bees can thrive and have a better chance of combating any pests in their hive. IPM encourages beekeepers to stay away from chemicals, to only use them as a last resort, and to only treat when needed. If you need to treat, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and never treat a hive that has a honey super on it as the treatment can contaminate the honey. If you need to treat, take the super off and wait four weeks before resuming honey supering.

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